26.-28. november 2010 Pühajärve Puhkekeskus
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Pühajärve Rapid Chess tournament

Pühajärve Rapid Chess tournament is a rather special chess event forselected chess enthusiasts from Estonia and around the World. This year,it will be held for the 11th time.

A number of grandmasters participate as honorary guests. The legendaryfour-time USSR champion Viktor Korchnoi has taken part in the event for anumber of years. Besides him, Tomi Nyback (FIN 2650), Jaan Ehlvest (USA2586), Kaido Külaots (EST 2580) and Meelis Kanep (EST 2537) have beeninvited this year. Four participating International Masters from Estoniainclude Aleksander Volodin (EST 2481), Riho Liiva (EST 2451), Olav Sepp(EST 2451) and Kalle Kiik (EST 2420).

The event is held as a round robin tournament with 10+10 minutes handicaptime control: all players are divided into 5 groups and the timedifference between two adjacent groups is 4 minutes. For example, for twoplayers belonging to the A group the time control will be 10 minutes foreach, an A-B pair gets respectively 8 and 12 minutes and so on until 2 and18 minutes for a group A player against a group E player.

All together, 32 players have been invited, among them businessmen,writers, journalists and politicians. Last year, the four best-scoringplayers were 1. GM Kaido Külaots EST, 2. GM Vladimir Tukmakov UKR, 3. IMRiho Liiva EST, 4. GM Normunds Miezis LAT.

The event is sponsored by the Pühajärve Spa and Holiday resort and Silmet Group. The chiefarbiter of the tournament is Mr. Gert Elmaste and it is organized by theStamina Sports Club (stamina[at]stamina.ee). The event will be broadcastedonline by Playchess.